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It is hard to believe, but it is true our website is going live tomorrow….Please be kind…It’s just the beginning:)  We welcome all of our loyal customers to still email us whenever, we are VERY flexible!


I have not mentioned yet that my husband is a great winemaker in Walla Walla, he has Balboa Winery…., and he is the winemaker for Beresan Winery in Walla Walla.  He is very supportive and loves to send wine to the Odd Molly headquarters for the US:)

While I was gone to market, my very GIANT order of ODD MOLLY arrived!  It’s very exciting…I just tried on the 833 Spring Coat, it’s amazing….Beige, Blush, Purple are all available. 

I happen to have to nicest and hippest Mother-in-law her name is Lynn, she looks soooo good in Odd Molly.  We had a meet and greet with the NEW spring 2009 Collection, she went home with this amazing cotton cardigan, it’s similar to the smallville collection from last spring and she intends to wear this cardigan with her Grey (the trim in real life is grey) Crochet Smallville Dress.   

806 Kyoto Cardigan

806 Kyoto Cardigan

847 Artology Long Skirt, Odd Molly
847 Artology Long Skirt, Odd Molly

She also could not refuse the #847 Artology Long Skirt in color multi…( i told you she was hip!)  It’s a vibrant silk creation, that demands attention! 

I am excited for tomorrow!  A new adventure awaits!!!



I just got back from Las Vegas where I spent a afternoon picking out new Odd Molly for Fall and Winter 2009.  There are so many amazing items, it will be hard to wait until September.  Here’s a sneak peak at the new Odd Molly bath line arriving soon, it’s lovely!



“all over me” body butter
This fantastic body butter is enriched with the finest ingredients to give maximum
softness, moisturization and nourishment. It has a fantastic skin feel and suits
really dry skin or whenever wanting to spoil oneself.

  • Cotton: for its nice skin feel and content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E.
  • Silk: as it helps the skin preserve moisture and add softness.
  • Cocoa butter: from Africa, works really softening and is rich in the important
    essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9.
  • Shea butter: has good softening properties and protects an soothes irritated skin. This shea butter is from the African Savannas and is a “Fair Trade” raw material,where it helps the women who harvest the fruits to an important income.
  • Jojoba: comes from the Mojave desert, gives
    the body oil an elegant skin feel and has smoothing
    and softening properties as well as protecting.

Fitts and Company will be adding another very cool Brand to our store, which is a nano second from being online!

Swedish Hasbeens, are fantastic shoes made from wood and natural leather, check out their website


I will keep you posted on their arrival!!!  Should be around 8 weeks.  Many Blessings,


Greetings to all my loyal customers, we are VERY close to having our E-Store up and running…Just in time for the new Odd Molly Spring/Summer 2009 Collection…It has been so fun building this site and we really wanted our loyal customers and new customers to have access to our Beautiful Odd Molly items 24 hours a day…

This company started out in 2002 as a way for me to sell my artwork commercially, along the way I found the clothing line Odd Molly from Sweden and it has changed my life, I have met so many wonderful friends all over the globe and am grateful.  I will continue to work on my art and fashion designs as well as bring you Odd Molly & other lovely finds along the way….

Yours Truly,

Amy Glase