Bellarina scarves, photos of each individual style….Hope this helps everyone!

Greetings, due to the high volume of questions about these AWESOME scarves…

I photographed them and will include all the details with each style. xo Amy

Again, they are not on the website yet, they are selling so fast in our store…

Please email me if you want to order one:) 

or Phone 509 876 1829

Bellarina On Cupid Orchid

Bellarina On Cupid Orchid, $89

Bellarina On Cupid, Praline

Bellarina On Cupid, Praline $89

Bellarina Snowflake

Bellarina Snowflake, cream & pinky Mauve colors $ 85

Bellarina Multi Layer, Cream

Bellarina Multi Layer, Cream $61

Bellarina, Linen

Bellarina, Linen $57


Bellarina Orchid Lace

Bellarina Orchid Lace, colors are lilacs $57

Bellarina Scarves

Bellarina Fall Foliage Fawn $69 (most brown of them all)

  1. Hi Amy,

    I am getting a bit nervous now that I see all the pictures. I hope we got i right. I HOPE i WILL BE GETTING: 1) Praline (Bellerina on Cupid) and 2) Fall Foilage.
    I am also interested i the Bellerina Linen (for 57 USD) , is it PINK? it’s hard to see the color;-)
    Many thanks!!!


  2. Please mail me if incorrect! I really wanted these three scarves.


    • Yes, that’s right;) The linen is most like the Odd Molly Lt. Powder color it has a touch of pink hue in it…The color is very soft..I have one left…Just sold one from my blog photos….xoxoxoxxoxoxo me

  3. Rachel said:

    I love the Bellarina scarves which ones do you currently have in stock ?

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Rachel, I currently have them all except the Starry Night, I am taking orders for them, they will be shipping around the 15th of this month. They really are all terrific and wonderful…Let me know if you have any more questions:)

  4. Phyllis Pascazio said:

    Will Starry Night be available any time soon?

    • Hi, Bellarina went out and are no longer available 😦 Sorry .

      • Phyllis Pascazio said:

        Aw, I’m just getting into scarves, and that one caught my eye. Thanks for letting me know.

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