Helena in bed with Odd Molly and the Magnolia Dress….Get ready for adorable!

Helena In Bed
Odd Molly Magnolia Strap Dress, Spring 2010

Odd Molly 275 Magnoliadressblack

  1. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Have you ordered this one???? There are soooo many beautiful items in that collection. I’ll end up ruined…..
    Odd Molly-holic

    • I love the Voile Tassel dress on you, the leggings are HOT! What’s the material? Both belts are fantastic too….I am painting my tail off…making Odd Molly Inspired Rubber Boots! xo…XO…

  2. When do you think you will have us Odd Molly fanatics preorder the spring collection??? I am so looking forward spring!

  3. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT!! The leggings are a mix of cotton and syntetic fabric but they are soo cool ;D I am so excited about getting my scarves….so I can show them of on the blogg.

  4. Sara said:

    I think we are quite many girls out in the odd molly world that very much long for springtime or at least the prespring release 🙂

    // Sara

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