It’s hard to believe one could be so excited about a Spring 2009 Odd Molly order when I have 2010 coming…BUT I AM:)

Greetings….I just faxed in my order and it looks like this…Isn’t this list worth a big SMILE!

850 Super-Pleated Blouse in White

856 Secret Button Down Painters Blouse, Dark Blue

858sb Tank, Butterfly

859R Full Smock Dress, Butterfly

859SB Full Smock Dress, Chalk

860R Full Embroidered Dress, Chalk

867 Jamiro Dress, Orange & Blue

912 Makeout Dress, Blue

921 Scarf, All colors

915 Missing Dress, Chalk (Pre-Spring)

20 Crochet Grandmas Coat

283 Classic Cotton Sock, Chalk

960 Fields of Lace, Chalk & White

959 Biarritz Blouse, White

974 Berry Dress, White



Odd Molly 974 Berry Dress in White, so Lovely!



  1. AMY,

    WOW, what a list. I am interested in these itmes:
    1) 859, Full smock dress with butterflies in size 1 or 2
    2) 860, Full embroidered dress in Chalk size 3
    3) Cotton socks in chalk

    Please mail me once you know if these are available in my sizes.

    Have a wondeful Thanks Giving and lots of Pussar och krammar!!

    Odd Molly-holic

  2. Amy,

    Just wanted to let you know, that I have spread the word on my blog, about this wonderfull order that you are awaiting! It is going to make a LOT of Swedes happy!


  3. Katinka said:

    And I am interested in the Fields of Lace in White sizes 1 or 2.

    Have a good Thanksgiving!

    • Katinka, i just found some of your comments in my spam filter…Sorry about that…got them posted! Thanks:) xo

  4. T said:

    I want the white Berry dress in size 0. How much will it cost?

    • The Berry Dress in White we will be getting in sizes 1,2, and 3. It is regular retail at $488. There is going to be a discount on these items but we are unsure how much that discount will be at this time.

  5. X said:

    I would love a white Berry dress in size 0. How much will it cost?

  6. Anna said:


    I am interested in 960 Fields of Lace, size 1, White. Could you let me know when it’s available?

    Thanks and Best regards

  7. Hi Amy,

    Please mail me once you are back, regarding the items I listed here above. Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!


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