I have an important friend I would like you to meet tonight…

A few years ago, a really wonderful person came to Walla Walla to live… Her name is Island Ainsworth and she and her equally impressive husband (Chris) moved here to open a restaurant called Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen, it goes beyond in all ways… from the kitchen to the amazing front of the house staff. “It’s a keeper”,  as my husbands grandpa Winston used to say!


Amazing Island...Photo taken by Chris from his iphone...Nice job!

Island is the kind of friend that brings you a hot lunch on her Bike, when you are having a bad day! She’s also the kind of girl that makes her hubby take fine photos from his iphone on top of a mountain christmas eve day (Because she looks Hot, but also because her friend (yours truly) has a certain blog that likes to show off the MOLLIES!
Island is inspiring and makes me want to inspire others….She’s all about LOVE!
Love to you ALL! Amy
  1. Ina said:

    How wonderful to have a friend like that!! 🙂 She is so pretty in her Mollys there on the mountain!!
    Hope you all hava a wonderful and peaceful chrismas whith lots of friends, good food and lots of love!!

    • Nothing like good friends! I love the mountain shots too! Merry Christmas Ina! Hugs. Amy

  2. meisha said:

    Island is the BEST : -)

  3. Ninna said:

    She looks lovely and her boots are to die for! 🙂

    • Hi Ninna! We sell the Boots! They are KOS Kingdom of Sheepskin, it’s the Kate Tall boot in charcoal:) xo Amy

  4. Those boots are mine!!!! Really to die for!!! ME WANT! I am just waiting for info regarding prices and also info on the OM Smockdress in Choco……

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I really appreciate it!!


    Odd Molly-holic

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