Around The Block with Odd Molly, Swedish Hasbeens, Bellarina and KOS ~ Photoshoot and Video 7

This photoshoot and video took place right around the store!  
It was a warm sunny winter day, just perfect for showing off 
Pre-Spring Odd Molly, 
Swedish Hasbeens, New Bellarina Scarves and KOS Boots!
There are more photos so I have posted the entire 
photoshoot to the right:)  
Enjoy! xo Amy
Jane ~ Odd Molly 228 Alchemistry Tunic, Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe High, Bellarina Splendor in Flesh, tights by Tabbisocks (available upon request)
Odd Molly 218 s/s Blouse
Lindsey ~ Odd Molly 218 s/s Blouse and Braided Low by Swedish Hasbeens, New Bellarina Scarf “Moonlight”

Watch our Video, Episode 7

Odd Molly 226 Alchemistry s/s Top and Spoiler Boxers, Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Low

Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Low, Black

Odd Molly 226 Alchemistry s/s Top and Suede Fringe Bag, Swedish Hasbeens Super High Peep Toe

Odd Molly 227 Alchemistry l/s Top, KOS Donna Boot, Sand

KOS Donna Boot in color Sand


Me in the Super High Slide by Swedish HasbeensMe ~ Swedish Hasbeens Slip-In Super High
The Girls suprised me while Jeremy was filming me, 
they jumped in the display window!

New Bellaraina Scarf, Vamp Splendor

I would like to say a special thanks to 
Brooklynn, Jane, Lindsey, Meisha and Video Guy Jeremy!
  1. Ooohhh such beutiful pictures! Amy and girls – You are true inspiration – as always!

  2. Ina said:

    Love, love, love the combo with colourful leggings and the Hasbeens, so cute!! The pictures are georgeos!!

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