I am looking for the perfect outfit, for the Premiere Party for LA’s Odd Molly Store, first one in the US.

Well, I am pretty excited to get to attend this Premiere event March 19, I know it’s like a month plus away, but a girl has to start planning in advance, especially if I plan on wearing  Odd Molly from the new SS2010 collection…

 ~ I need to decide quickly before all my Odd Molly SS has sold-out…Suggestions Welcome:)

Odd Molly 196 Tea Jacket, Black, $458

Ok, well I love this jacket and since I am getting the pant, perhaps I could do the OM Tea Suit?  Perhaps maybe the jacket and shorts for some funk?  I do like it funky….???  Decisions Decisions….

Hugs, Amy

Odd Molly 198 Tea Short, Black, $240


  1. Cathy said:

    maybe you should just wear Avoca…JK!!!

    I’d go with funky over matchy-matchy. Like the jacket, but remember to wear the super bright tights too!

  2. i would agree, i am not usually a matchy person, generally whatever is my game….perhaps Avoca, I got an email yesterday, that our order was dispatched:)

  3. Cathy said:

    yea, wear the Avoca, cuz everyone else will be in OM…just to stand out!

  4. Cathy said:

    I was so busy thinking of your outfit, that I didn’t realize, did you say that OM is actually opening a retail store in LA? Dangerous…

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