Kate Moss’s Grey Streaks….Article from New York Fashion Mag….

Ok, mostly I post pictures of my Staff, Odd Molly, stuff I like… but since I am home sick…
I have a little EXTRA time to check out other stuff…
Here’s the Opinion of an almost 40 year old “Yours Truly”
This seriously cracks me up, it’s weird, but maybe will allow us Natural Streak Grey’s to let it roll…and will save ALOT of people $$!
Kate Moss Dyed her Grey Streaks

Kate Moss Dyed her Grey Streaks

Here’s the article….
Gray streaks cannot be fought. They’ve been appearing in magazine editorials for months now. They were all over the couture runways. And now She Whom Everyone Copies, Kate Moss, has dyed gray streaks in her own hair. Of course it wouldn’t be trendy and fashionable to have natural streaks of gray in one’s hair. Oh no, the natural gray must be dyed, and then select pieces must in turn be artificially colored gray. What does it all mean? That the fashion industry is finally accepting aging? First the industry — Karl Lagerfeld included — embraces plus-size models as high-fashion models, and now gray hair is all the rage. What will be hot next? Wrinkles and saggy cleavage? Cellulite? If so, probably not in the everyday sense. If designers one day decide to make dimpled flesh the next big thing, of course they won’t hire normal women who actually have it to model their clothes. They’ll send models down the runway in panty hose filled with rice or something.
Read more: Kate Moss Dyed Her Hair With Gray Streaks — The Cut http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2010/01/kate_moss_dyed_her_hair_with_g.html?mid=fashion-alert–20100128#ixzz0dwhUVHLE


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