Boots by Hollywood Trading Company! Love at first sight!

I finished all my orders around 4:30 today, and even though I was tired from writing I could not help myself from ordering these boots made in Italy! They felt like butter on, like I already broke them in…. I liked the cute toughness about them…..this company is really well known for their belts..and introduced the shoes a few seasons ago..

Note….Odd Molly winter 2010 knit scarf is used as a prop for shoes…. It’s amazing in Old Pink. They also do mens and womens jewelry (picture of pretty cute bad boy) and soft, very flattering knit hats.

Arriving August 2010… I can take special orders on the boots from now until March 23! Email me for the details


  1. Thank you very much for your support of my brand. Nice photos by the way! I am excited to have HTC represented by your fine store.

    Best regards,

    Zip Stevenson,
    Hollywood Trading Co.
    HQ Los Angeles, CA

    • Wow, that was amazingly fast! I am so excited about your brand, and thanks for the feedback on the photos, it’s amazing what a phone can do these days!

  2. Wow! These all are beautiful, Zip. Keep up the great work!
    Very nice blog too. love, Mom

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