Look at Bellarina, New Spring 2010 scarves! I think they are the perfect combination of sweet vintage romance, whimsy and a bit of magic.

We will be adding these NEW Bellarina styles to the Fitts and Company webshop ASAP, these scarves are in-stock and ready to Flaunt!  Email us if you can’t wait! amyglase@gmail.com

SW10-506 Truffles in Almond $51

SS10-506 Truffles in Marina $51

SW10-506 Truffles in Blush $57

SS-0920 Whimsy in White $69

SS10-323 Rock-N-Grey $51

SS10-149 Strawberry Shortcake $67

SS-0905 Summer Lace $57

SS10-323 Lucerne in Ivory $51

SS10-620 Chamonix in Navy $63

SS10-620 Chamonix in Raspberry $63

1 comment
  1. Cynthia Shepherd said:

    absolutely beautiful. I am going to order some !

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