Monthly Archives: May 2010

Starting now on our Fitts and Company Facebook Fan Page , and going until we stop we want you to send in photos of yourself in your ODD MOLLY clothes. Crazy, sexy, cool, funny, show us what you got and each week we will pick a random winner and send you some fantastic ODD MOLLY LOOT. 

(it’s easy to send us your photos, just leave us a comment and attach a photo. It will automatically end up in fan photos, and we will pick from there!) If you want to send me the photos I will upload them to them to the Fan Page too! 

Have fun! Hugs. xo Amy

Join the fun, send us a photo!

We keep placing re-orders on these perfumes, they are so fantastic!  Tokyo Milk by Margot Elena! 

Each bottle contains 1 oz . 



Honey & The Moon, Subtly sweet: Honey, Sugared Violet, Jasmine & Sandalwood



Song In D Minor, A complex melody: White Orchid, Orange Flower, Gardenia & Amber


Paper and Cotton, An original, reinterpreted: Coriander, White Sage, Birch Wood & Tundra Moss