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Meet Fall Swedish Hasbeens …. These are the styles that will be available at Fitts and Company … Send us an email if you can’t resist!!
Sizes are as follows …
European   36 (Us 6),  37 (7),  38 (8),  39 (9),  40 (10),  41 (11)
Swedish Hasbeen Loafer sizes 36-41

The Loafer is available in Vintage Turquoise, Nature and Black/Nature sole.  Priced at $333 plus shipping and handling.

858 Lace Up High in Nature

Available in Nature only .  $369 plus shipping and handling.

336 T-Strap Sky High in Nature and Red

Swedish Hasbeen T-Strap Sky High available in Nature or Red, priced at $222 plus shipping and handling.

431 Slip In Super High in Bordeaux and Black/Nature Sole

431 Slip In Super High available in Bordeaux and Black/Nature Sole, priced at $206 plus shipping and handling.

865 Jodphur in Red and Nature

865 Jodphur available in Red or Nature, priced at $310 plus shipping and handling.





Here are some of our own photos of Odd Molly Pre-Fall & Avoca Nest Fall 2010!  If you see anything you need send us an email or visit our webshop!  or 

Odd Molly Pre-Fall 452 Check S/S Tunic, Dark Blue & Avoca Nest Knee Highs in Grey and Pink

I love this tunic … We were so excited when we took it out of the package … It’s much longer than we thought it was going to be … It’s more like a short dress … It’s very soft the lace feels like butterfly wings and the details are wonderful … 

Tons of little pleats, covered buttons, the inside motto is “You Art Me”  and the back embroidery is “ready to take the consequences, hungry for the reward”.  

The Below photo features the 452 Tunic in Blue and the sweet 451 Cheque 3/4 Tunic in Brown .  This top is adorable also with the versatile plaids in browns, purples, orange and lite powder.  Tons of ruffles and covered contrast buttons .  “Dare Me”  is the inside Motto and we are showing it with the Odd Molly Bloomers in Metallic Rose from the Spring 2010 Collection.  

Odd Molly Pre-Fall 452 in Blue and the 451 Cheque 3/4 Tunic in Brown.

Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sky Highs in Silver from Spring 2010 and my Vintage Wrangler Cowboy Hat.
Odd Molly Pre-Fall 451 Cheque 3/4 Tunic in Blue featured on Emilee .
Back Tunic Detail for the 451 Tunic.

I LOVE this next dress … I am wearing it in the photo and want to keep it;)  Odd Molly Pre-Fall 454 Cheque Strap Dress Dark Blue.  This Dress comes in 2 colors the Dark Blue and Grey … Which Emilee is wearing … 

Odd Molly Pre-Fall 454 Cheque Strap Dress in Dark Blue



Odd Molly Pre-Fall 454 Cheque Strap Dress in grey .... Back Detail ...

Odd Molly Pre-Fall 454 Cheque Strap Dress in Grey



Catch our latest photo shoot!  Here’s a few pictures …. from our trip up to Mill Creek in Walla Walla.  We have a video to go with coming soon, and had Joe own personal musician playing guitar in the background … It was pretty fantastic ….  Enjoy! 



Today's photoshoot featuring Odd Molly Pre-Fall, Avoca Nest Stockings, Swedish Hasbeens !

Cheers Emilee and Brooklynn, they are enjoying Capri Suns:)

Odd Molly Pre-Fall and Avoca Stockings

Close-ups ... Odd Molly & Avoca stockings ...