New PicTs! Odd Molly Fall 2010 435 Art Silk Tunic in Grey, 258 Crysalis Mini-Gown in Lite Green, 661 Lux Wool Pointelle Legging with Swedish Hasbeens 444 Loafer in Nature ;) Today’s Contest Winner is Cathy …. See Pic Below…

We photographed Brooklynn today in more of our New Fall 2010 Mollies …. Brooklynn confessed she did not want to take off the leggings !  They are super soft … color here is Military .  We also have them in grey ! The Silk Tunic is great with beading in lite green and hidden pockets …. Back tie makes it more adjustable … We put a Crysalis Minigown in lite Green under … Oh so cute!  IF wanted send us an email …. We have some left at the shop www.fittsandcompany or

Odd Molly Art Silk Tunic, Grey



Odd Molly Lux Pointelle Legging and 444 Swedish Hasbeens Loafer


Cathy won a Odd Molly Dolly today! 

Winner got a Odd Molly Dolly!


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