Knee Highs and Scarves just in from Avoca Nest …. See their cutest cuteness!!

All these products are available, but not on the website yet … Email if you must have a pair:)) , we can send paypal invoices and take ALL major credit cards .

Avoca Nest, Floribunda Stockings, Chalk/Red, $29

Avoca Nest, Bow Thigh High, Blue, $29


Avoca Nest, Georgie Knee High, Charcoal & Pearl, $29

Georgie Socks, Lime, Charcoal, Red, Ecru

Avoca Nest, Georgie Socks, Red

Avoca Nest, Georgie Sock, Lime

Avoca Nest, Bow Scarf, Ecru, $66

Avoca Nest, Rufio Hat and Hand Mitts, $38 each, Foible Scarf, Ecru $56

Avoca Nest, Scottie Sock, Red $29 and Stripey Thigh High, Ecru, $29


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