Most Wanted by Odd Molly Lovers … Kettle Coat by Odd Molly

Kettle Coat in Dark Powder (multi-colored) or Rouge (red and pink) in size 0 or 1 from Spring 2010.  If you have one to sell, new or almost new … Let us know 🙂 Thanks! Amy

I will post pictures soon;)

  1. Mona said:

    I Have a kettlecoat in red, size 1. I Have used the coat twice so its almost brand new. Pls contact me if you want it.

    • Thanks so much, I will forward her in case she’s not looking at this ….
      xo Amy

    • Tracy said:

      Hi Mona!
      I am the one who is interested in the Kettle Coat. How much are you selling it for?! Thx.

    • Tracy said:

      hi again! my email is if you want to communicate that way! thx!! tracy

  2. Mona said:

    Hi Tracy
    I will email you tomorrow

  3. elliej said:

    Hello, I’m looking for an Odd Molly Kettle Coat in Rouge or Dark Powder Size 3 (Spring 2010). Have tried everwhere and am desperate!!! Many thanks in hopeful anticipation!

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