Fresh Sheet for Prairie Underground Spring 2012 : Here’s what is available from Fitts and Company in the Hoodies .

I have been a retailer for Prairie Underground for several seasons, and it’s my favorite brand that I sell.  I started personally with the Long Cloak Hoodie in my own wardrobe, and found myself wearing it everyday, soon I started adding on to my PRU addiction  … Next was the Coop Jacket, and finally I had something else to give MY Long Cloak Hoodie a time-out.  My third item from the Prairie Collection (and it’s going to be BIG for Spring and Summer 2012) is the Mothette Blouse & Vest.  I could completely transform a basic outfit into something out of the ordinary and give it a little edge … Now my sales staff teases me about my Prairie Underground (uniforms), because it’s ALL I want to wear ….

Enjoy viewing the hoodies below, clicking on any of the pictures will take you to our website … Also, we will be posting our Spring Prairie Fashion items next post !

Prairie Underground, Long Cloak Hoodie, Drab

Prairie Underground, Long Cloak Hoodie, Black

Prairie Underground, Long Cloak Hoodie, Dior Gray

Prairie Underground, Long Cloak Hoodie, Peacock



Prairie Underground, Prairie Hoodie, Dior Gray

Prairie Underground, Prairie Hoodie, Peacock

Prairie Underground, Prairie Hoodie, Wild Orchid

Prairie Underground Short Rain Cloak Hoodie, Navy

Prairie Underground, Guinevere Hoodie, Dior Gray

NEW STYLE : Mid-Victorian Hoodie, Black

Prairie Underground, Long Rain Cloak Hoodie, Red

Designers: Camilla Eckersley and Davora Lindner
Designed and produced in Seattle, Washington
Materials: 100% Organic Cotton Fleece and Jeresy (from Spartanburg, South Carolina), Canvas, Tea Dyed Muslin, Hemp, Denim

Production: All of our garments are sewn and dyed by contractors working within 15 minutes from our studio in Seattle.

About Prairie Underground:

Camilla Eckersley and I became friends in high school in the 80’s. As teenage rebels in the midwest we were struck by the New Romantic music movement in London and the East Village art scene in New York. Experimental fashion statements were like direct action in our small town, and we were seriously engaged in the semiotics of dress before we knew it had meaning or future relevance. This alternative culture flourished against the panoramic skyline and often we dressed in elegant costumes to go to a park or truck stop diner where we would dream of the cities in our creative future. This is the meaning of Prairie Underground. Our collection is created as an homage to iconoclastic women everywhere who remain independent in spirit.

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