Latest Photoshoot featuring Fitts and Company Staff…

(left to right) Brooklynn, Meisha, Jane, Lindsey
Fitts models, Staff and Customers

Fitts models, Staff and Customers

Here’s our newest addition to the Store, Brooklyn Larson.
One OF my Favorite Odd Molly OUtifts:)

One OF my Favorite Odd Molly OUtfits:)

Me, Bronwen, Kathy, Jane, Meisha (left to right)
Me, Bronwen, Kathy, Jane, Meisha (left to right)
Odd Molly Hand-Crocheted Scarf...Beautiful.
Odd Molly Hand-Crocheted Scarf…Beautiful.

This is a photo of me Amy E. Glase.   My sister Genevra Fitts took this picture in front of her massage studio, called In Tune Massage…We decided to have some tea together and well, since I had on a Odd Molly outfit, I asked if she would snap a shot for my glorious Odd Molly customers to see that not only do I love to sell Odd Molly, I also REALLY love to wear Odd Molly:) 

Fitts and Company is about finding divine creation in yourself and others, about having fun, exploring, being inspired and being inspirational…It is really all about LOVE.

  1. Genevra said:

    love it! inspirational…all about love!!!

    Are we still on 1:00 photo shoot tomorrow? Love the blog sis and thanks for the plug!!!

  2. Jen said:

    Hi Amy! Very pleasant blog you have. Lokking forward to get my dress ;o)

    Take care!

    P.s Nice to have seen you on a photo –

  3. Island said:


  4. Katriina! said:

    Yay! I am inspired! Those Fitts’ women have that effect. : )

  5. Brenden Marchewka said:

    Hello! I heard you had great stock in Odd Molly.

    My girlfriend found a great Odd Molly jacket but they didn’t have her size and I would love to find it for her! It was deep red (tartan?) with embroidery, cut below the waste and I think it was called Embroidered Vintage Melton Coat? It was likely a 2009 model.
    Do you have one?
    If not, do you know what the proper name might be and how to find one?


    • Hello, I don’t have any more coats like that from 2009… That style was very popular ! Good luck!

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