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Thanks Ina for your support and comments!  Ina has a great blog also that features terrific photos of Odd Molly!, check her out!


I HAD two bars of this, I just used one today in my bath….Well, lets just use the word “amazing” to describe the experience with this bar of soap;)  I have another one, Iwould like to give to the first person that emails me at and tells me how they found my blog?  Let’s get started!

Odd Molly Soap

Odd Molly Soap

First of all, I owe a huge thanks to Bronwen (my friend, co-worker & model) for coming to work unknowing that I wanted to snap pictures and  plaster her cute self ALL over my blog…I’m thinking she should get a bonus!!  We really just wanted to put some great Odd Molly Fall 09 outfits together and show it off!  We have mixed in some Swedish Hasbeen shoes, Hand-nailed of course in Sweden, Irregular Choice shoes from the UK, and some fun beautiful knit accessories from Peru.  We hope you enjoy and please let us know what you think! 

I have a special gift for Bronwen for all the extra stuff she’s helped me with it’s a small Limited edition something from Odd Molly and Helena Christenson, don’t you think she will Love it?  I have one more Limited edition something left, stay tuned, it could be yours:)

Meet our fed ex guy, he’s our hero bringing our beautiful mollies, Thank YOU!

This project is for a child charity co-operation for the benfit of the victims and survivors of Chernobyl.  Odd Molly & Helena Christensen’s bedding is launching around Christmas time, it is a line of Duvet Covers, Sheet sets, and Pillow cases and will be launched Spring 2010.  I have photos of the bedding samples from Market.  The full range of designs and colors are quite lovely.  To learn more about the CCPI, (Chernobyl Children’s Project International) visit Visit this Link to view the collection…

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Add a bit of retro chic to your wardrobe with these gorgeous round toe court shoes from Irregular Choice. A contrasting fabric flap over the in step adds a stylish blast from the past!
  • 3.5 Inch Heel
  • Polka Dot Stitching On The Spats
  • Leather & Fabric Upper