Monthly Archives: April 2010

Today we re-opened our store Fitts and Company (Studio Opal) at 61 E. Main street downtown Walla Walla Washington State, USA.  This is our 4th, LAST & Best MOVE!  Each time we moved it was for a better, bigger or more user-friendly space…This time it seems that we have found the great solution for all our needs. 
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Gorgeous Odd Molly In the Blues…I sure love that Annie Oakley Short Sleeve Dress!!!

Brooklynn this morning getting rid of the dust bunnies, before we re-open!


Mini-Roses from MY hubby! He is soo Odd Molly!


My Mother-IN-Law in Avoca and Bellarina, she is too Lovely!




Boyfriend Jeans, Roll up Gandra Wash or Luca Wash, $79
See Thru Soul Spring Denim

See Thru Soul, Narni Wash Bermuda, $68STS Narni Wash Bermuda, Back


See Thru Soul, 11" Bermuda, Randers Wash, $68See Thru Soul, 11" Bermuda, Randers Wash, $68See Thru Soul, 11" Bermuda, Randers Wash, $68


Here are some photos of our new Location, we are busy moving and merchandising our beautiful store brands, such as Odd Molly, Avoca, Bellarina, Swedish Hasbeens, See Thru Soul, KUT, Tokyo Milk, Skeem Candles and anything else that happens to catch our eye!!! 

Opening on April 28th, 10 AM sharp!  




We just LOVE this Historic building named "The Hub", paper coming off soon!Here's a tiny PEEK inside!

First delivery by UPS at our new location, Thanks MARK!




One of our customers walked in the store today, and we could not help to ask if we could snap her photo!  We love her funky style, she’s wearing the….

Odd Molly 114A Butterfly Cardigan, Grey

Avoca Anthology Marzipan Swing Top in Wave

Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Sky High in Cerise, model 321

Vintage See Thru Soul Jeans, The Marilyn Skinny and Bellarina’s Limited Edition Starry Night Scarf!!!

Thanks VONDA:)