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I loved wearing this Odd Molly outfit today for our next video coming in a few days!  The Festival Blouse is from last Winter Collection and the Spoilers in Purple, Tank & Skirt are from this Spring, I also rocked the Blush Classic Socks!  Hair clip is from Rachel Weissman, I am featuring them on my next video….Hugs!  Amy


Odd Molly Festival Blouse & Spoilers

Vintage Amy in her Mollies


Bronwen is moving to California in 1 week, she will be dearly missed, not only is she a great Odd Molly model, she’s a terrific friend.  Bye B. xoxo Amy

New OBTB Merced Boot ($159) and Cable Knit Legwarmers ($43)

New OBTB Merced Boot ($159) and Cable Knit Legwarmers ($43)

Back Detail OTBT

Back Detail OTBT

Odd Molly #148 Glazing Check l/s Top

Odd Molly #148 Glazing Check l/s Top in Dark Blue

Bellarina Scarves spent about 1 week in my store before they all sold, so I have ordered more! Hurray!

This cute pup is Bellarina the muse behind Jamee’s awesome scarves…This scarf featured is called the Winter Wonderland, lots of details with pure ivory faux fur…

Available at,

Jamee the owner of Bellarina's inspiration...Bellarina's the name of this cutest pup!WINTER WONDERLAND, BELLARINAWinter Wonderland Close-up