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We walked down main street Walla Walla to get a few pictures of the Fall 2010 Silk Spinner Dress and the Swedish Hasbeen Knee High Boot in chocolate.  We stopped DaMa wines for a taste of yummy Cabernet!



Odd Molly 419 Silk Spinner dress in Dark Grey


Note the cute black embroidered butterfly!


Back Butterfly Detail


Swedish Hasbeens 479 Knee High Chocolate




We ordered this collection for Spring/Summer 2011.  It’s new to the US, and we will be one of the first to have in our shop!  Colors are dreamy and the prices are fantastic.  Here’s a photo of what we are so looking forward to! 

Braez Fashion from The Netherlands


Visit our website and see all the Odd Molly Winter available… 

Visit our 2010 Odd Molly Winter Collection, click image


Click image to visit website


Here’s a picture of the 469 Long Sweater  from Odd Molly.  It’s a new twist taken from their classic Odd Molly 233 Lovely Knit Cardigan.  We put it on our front display !  xo Amy 

PS We have a few left! 

Blue Rose Detail on the back 


Love at first sight.  I heart this coat, it’s amazing !  The colors, textures and details make it the most One-Of-A-Kind item I have seen in a while … Here’s some detailed photos …. 

Odd Molly Stock Photo on their website...


Photo from our Mannequin


Close-up of the Beau Coat


Back Detail, Velvet ... Beading ... Embroidery


Just when you think it can't get any better ....


We have a few of these dresses left, so pretty…