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Dc Marten Posy Boot ~ Limited

Dc. Martens Posy Boot ~ White by Dc. Airwair Martens | FITTS AND COMPANY BOUTIQUE.


Ok! So my FIRST BLOG post from the premiere was seeing some great dude that rocked the 233 Lovely knit Cardigan!

I was totally impressed with his ability to see out-side-the box.

This has been my impression of Odd Molly all along…. Odd Molly has been creating out-side the box since it’s origin!

The March 19th, 2010… Odd Molly LA Store opening , ¬†was a wonderful whirl-wind event, usually I see these type of events while I am buying my groceries at our local Store in the Check-Out line …

BUT, this time I got to attend the event! WOW!

This was the highlight of the night for ME:)

More to FOLLOW, Stay POSTED!!!! ~ Amy